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      Chinese Lover 91

    He gave such a start when I put my hand upon his shoulder,

    Miss Dartle played backgammon as eagerly as she did

    ‘Is that another letter in your hand?’ said I

    into adversity, and was leaving Dover for good, but had quite

    shown into a pretty but rather close drawing-room, and there sat

    into long thin strips With these accompaniments we were left

    themselves audible to me; the ringing of bells, the opening and

    conglomeration with one another, and never leaving off pinching

    make the best of my way to Dover in a shirt and a pair of trousers,

    Peggotty I dare say you’d quite enjoy it’

    along in front of them, and Dora often stopped to admire this one

    He laid his head upon her shoulder, as if he were oppressed

    ‘Get out of the shop! Oh, my lungs, get out of the shop! Oh, my

    trades, and the product will give you the desired result I say I do a

    pull my hair There was another boy, one Tommy Traddles, who I

    from our lips’

    David Copperfield

    ‘Thursday D certainly improved Better night Slight tinge of

    dread, as if I had had some meaner quality of devil for a lodger

    David Copperfield

    difference of opinion had arisen between herself and Mrs Crupp,

    I don’t know how this desperate idea came into my brain But,


    was his private apartment, very busy pouring out of a number of

    where there was so much disparity in point of years—’

    ‘Oh, but do tell me, though, somebody, because I have been

    was furnished as an office, with books, papers, tin boxes, and so


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