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    many days, like one in a dream I never thought that I had a

    be all old nooks and corners; and in every nook and corner there

    like this the best It will be easily believed that I am a fond parent

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    My brother, you see you see she grabbed Yu Huan forward scurry, fingers very busy, while to the East, while refers to west, to dazzle the eyes.

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    where she stayed—my disgust of the very sight of the room where

    on an immense sheet of paper, spread it out on a table, and

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    table; having also caused the fire in my bedroom to be lighted for

    gentlemen in my circumstances might have committed—because

    delicate desire to be her friend; showering sympathy, trustfulness,

    ‘No—no,’ growled Mr Barkis, reflecting about it ‘I ain’t got no

    passion to Dora, and know my fate Happiness or misery was now

    have occupation enough in a little while, if that great Visitor,

    If I had been obliged to look at him with him splay foot on Mr

    mine, to be taken to the drawing-room, her charming little face

    preference to re-engaging the handy young man; against whom I

    confirmed this when it was stated, and said that he should like to

    ‘Let the wretched man who now addresses you, my dear

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    indeed but those same strong pinions, capable of carrying so many

    out at the door and beckoned me in

    circumstances, what could a man of Mr Micawber’s spirit do? But

    He looked at me—just as he used to look, sometimes—but I saw

    We bade adieu to Mrs Steerforth and Miss Dartle, with many

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    rather not have a man of Mr Micawber’s abilities He would only

    pavement, as respectable a mystery as any pyramid in Egypt

    David Copperfield


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