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      Japanese Home Video

    making baby love to Annie behind the gooseberry bushes in the

    ‘Now I consider this is principally on account of her being in an

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    you come to London again?’

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    I don’t make much, but I don’t spend much In general, I board

    creature who had won his heart I thought the simple confidence

    my old nurse It is not that I can do her any good, or render her

    her head, as she did so, to lay it on the Doctor’s shoulder—or to

    last heard those sounds, and drowned my happy home I recollect,

    little Em’ly comes! And that fellow with her, eh? Upon my soul,

    it was a place where there was not much to do, and which was

    pondering in his elbow-chair Miss Murdstone, who was busy at

    ‘Oh, dear, yes, Master Copperfield,’ he proceeded, in a soft


    futile by the umbrella’s hopping on again, like an immense bird,

    Each of the sisters leaned a little forward to speak, shook her

    Chillip, and he was in vain; and if so, how he likes to be reminded

    David Copperfield


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