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    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    so far worth taking, that—in short, that I have never taken it

    David Copperfield

    purchased to present to me when I was a child, and afterwards

    real presence to me But I recollect being conscious of his

    done, I’m sure! “I’ve wrote afore you,” he says to me, “and I shall

    cried Agnes, putting her hands before her face, as her tears started

    come in here for? Oh, Peggotty!’ My eyes were full, and I felt as if I

    Peggotty more comfort than anything I could have done

    objecting to the arrangements I think we had better leave him

    ‘And did he frighten my aunt again?’

    deserve it I have no false pride I never hesitate to admit, frankly,

    on the wrist ‘If ever you see me again, unlike what I am now, and

    is the acknowledgement I will have This is the separation that

    have consulted other branches of my family on the course which it

    miscellaneous taste of tea, coffee, butter, bacon, cheese, new

    seemed to have no care for anything

    torn about her face; but I never knew her more cheerful than she

    woman in existence, and me the most wonderful young man

    one obvious course was left To borrow, of that branch of my


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