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    44 Yr Old Grany

      44 Yr Old Grany

    the reality, for I was by this time in a state of such excessive

    take thee, Wilkins” I read the service over with a flat-candle on

    glorified instrument, resembling a guitar That I was lost in

    were like birds’ eyes They were not unlike birds, altogether;

    should think of nothing but how to be grateful, and to make you

    Murdstone are already acquainted’

    ‘We could show her the substance of one, I think?’ said

    David Copperfield

    d is over due, and is not provided for Also, in the fact that the

    At odd dull times, nursery tales come up into the memory,

    ‘You saw the boat completed?’

    hands upon her heart one over the other ‘I am ill here, I am very

    it was another name for tyranny; and for a certain gloomy,

    when I should be a proctor there, which Steerforth pictured in a

    strain points with a little bit of a blue-eyed blossom, like her?’

    It seems to me, at this distance of time, as if my unfortunate

    scene of my future studies—a grave building in a

    David Copperfield

    how the cold rain would beat upon the window-glass, how the

    no face to look on mine with love or liking any more

    founded on the acute experience acquired at this period of my life,

    ‘He is at home at present,’ said the latter ‘He is not being

    your gentle niece to come back (for whom I vacate this seat in the

    name was Mrs Markleham; but our boys used to call her the Old

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics


    my having breakfast here, and our riding out to Blunderstone

    It was Mid-summer weather, and the evening was very pleasant

    by the beating of drums and marching of troops, which seemed to

    made of stuff to stand wear and tear; and there is no substitute for


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