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    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    the small round table When she had finished her breakfast, my

    David Copperfield

    going as a cadet, or something of that kind: Mr Wickfield having

    present disposed for any decoration within the range of her art,

    spencer, with a round face and curly flaxen hair The Misses

    ‘Mrs Crupp,’ said I, ‘I must beg you not to connect the young

    work was my work, and of the boys employed upon it I was one

    As he had continued to look steadily at me, I took it as a


    earnest, that had long grown naturally out of our familiar

    words and terms—in Mr Tidd, that are trying to a reader of my

    pockets of his clothes, which lay upon the floor, while his wife,

    ‘Ah, Steerforth! It’s well for you to joke about the poor! You


    whether I was going to be paid for, at school, as two brothers or

    relations However, I said ‘No,’ and I added, ‘You don’t seem to be

    containing all particulars fully related, when my aunt took me

    I gave him minute directions for finding the residence of Mr

    arms I ran, and begged her pardon from my suffering soul

    weigh lighter than any feather But I might—I might—if this silly

    ‘Don’t say that!’ he replied ‘I know you’ll be sorry afterwards

    anything but a confident look at his manuscript ‘You have been to

    I was so faint and tired, that the idea of holding out for six miles

    grown up—gent’lmen—like a flower I’d lay down my life for her—

    the feet of Dora!


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