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    the opportunity of my holding a candle over the banisters to light

    that was set at rest soon, for she came out to take an evening grope

    ‘Did you give your son the name of Ham, because you lived in a

    ‘He is very fond of you, I am sure,’ I said

    of Mr Jorkins, Copperfield I wish it were otherwise, for I should

    worse in reality than in my distempered fancy, that afterwards I

    sacrifice to Dora

    air ‘Quite true, my dear Mr Copperfield! I have made the

    been perfectly miserable, I have no doubt, but for the old books

    think you would; and I want, more than ever, to be liked, now

    ‘My dear Copperfield,’ said Mr Micawber, ‘this is luxurious

    like her very much’

    what put marriage in your head?’

    bustle at all, when a knock came at the door

    to Agnes, I will not repeat here My narrative proceeds to Agnes,

    So, so, he will not let the Wujiu send her back to the house, let her stay in the side, Rao is Juhun ghost will have to detour as long as he is, the absolute good son.

    for this friendly aid, I accepted the proposal; and night after night,


    her that night When we had again alighted, and were walking in

    David Copperfield

    whom you are old enough and wise enough to understand,’ said

    It is a little document to do so much; and Traddles

    David Copperfield

    Dover, whose audacity it is harder to me to bear than another’s,

    parting from her old playfellow and friend—her favourite cousin—

    should be so expended? I only ask you, my second mother, to

    with my finger


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