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    ‘It does happen unfortunately,’ said Mr Wickfield ‘But I’ll tell

    pieces, as it were; but as to making a net of a number of these

    though I don’t know how it came into my head—which afterwards

    reserving to myself the mention of little Em’ly, to whom I

    Dora!’ and I went; and Dora leaned out of the carriage to talk to

    ‘Than Agnes,’ he repeated, walking slowly to the great chimney-

    ‘Well, ma’am, he died of drink,’ said Mrs Crupp, in confidence

    burnt to a berry-brown From head to foot I was powdered almost

    “Bob swore,” my ducks!’

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    David Copperfield

    ‘Let me see,’ said Mr Omer ‘Barkis’s the carrier’s wife—

    She dropped her face on my old nurse’s breast, and, ceasing

    they came to consider that they were released from them All their

    ‘I expect I shall be forced to go to Yarmouth,’ replied Peggotty,

    conceived, would read it in a rather strong voice, and afterwards

    very much He my bad Angel, or anyone’s! He, anything but a

    ‘Then come and see my little housekeeper,’ said Mr Wickfield

    The tears rose freshly in her eyes, but she turned away and

    thankful than I do I want to feel more, what a blessed thing it is to

    from spending the money Mr Dick had given me, that I felt in

    you to consider what it was; I am forced to confess now, having no

    together, not only on account of their mutual affection, but

    were going to tumble down

    Micawber will be safe to adorn Under the temporary pressure of

    that I fell again in her good opinion; but she concealed the fact

    between them

    we went in; and he was leaning over her to turn the leaves The

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    ‘You have no best to me, Steerforth,’ said I, ‘and no worst You


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