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    the love of me, till uncle is gone out, and I can come” By and by

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    bound Oh, you’re a downy fellow, Steerforth, so you are, and I’m

    and cover myself with glory But as nothing of the sort happened

    ‘With him, aunt? This man?’

    ‘why do you think I prefer to sit upon this property of mine

    out at the door, with your quaint little basket of keys hanging at

    shall not weary you with good advice You have long had a good

    ‘Peggotty, dear, you are not going to be married?’

    come on, and see the Cathedral Firstly, on account of its being so

    me less than he used to He never liked me much, Peggotty; but he

    —‘Hope you have had a pleasant evening, ma’am,’ said

    been all day, and we all sat about the fire, talking and laughing

    Mr Spenlow, who, I suppose, had been surprised to see us

    life I am far from sure that I believed there was anything hopeful

    notion as yet of my rapturous condition

    which, I thought, if I might judge from the smell of their rough

    much on account of their variety, as Jip’s reluctance), and were

    water at some height, without the least defence The incident is so

    David Copperfield

    returned to those monsters, with fresh wakefulness on my part,

    began to raise her head and speak to us So we got on, until she

    is only to be drowned in—’

    your godfathers and godmothers gave you, it’s the name I like best

    first come—when I thought what she’d grow up to be I see her

    half-dozen stragglers gazing at the windows which were shut up I

    could, would, or should ever love, as I loved Dora The more I


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