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    Japanese Granny 60

      Japanese Granny 60

    reverence that I had for his grey head, was mingled with

    stopped to assure him that I had not done so in bad manners, but

    ‘Is Mr Steerforth coming from Oxford?’

    She did not look very happy, I thought; but it was a good face,

    A blank, through which the warriors of poetry and history

    discussion on our journey home For the present we had enough

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    it is, though, ain’t it!’

    seemed to ruminate, and to become absent in his mind for some

    The length of those five days I can convey no idea of to any one

    I don’t approve of it I don’t mind acknowledging to you that I’ve

    receive another choke

    I was doing on mine, before she answered ‘No Not very’

    immediately into it, I found myself among them beforeconsidered whither I was going

    forgotten that) was suited to us both She sat down by my side

    Ham staggered, as well he might, under the blow Mr Peggotty

    strength I had a good mind to ask an old man, in wire spectacles,

    Finding by degrees, however, that I was sober, and (I hope) that

    at home I would much rather remain at home’

    hand upon his arm, that did wonders for him

    I don’t know how the household furniture came to be sold for

    He gathered up the letters thoughtfully, smoothing them with

    All stratagems are fair in love, sir’

    rascally cunning

    was writing, ‘the mind is not at liberty to soar to any exalted form

    observed, ‘We needn’t trouble you to wait, ma’am’

    David Copperfield


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