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    52 Yr Old Granny Japanese

      52 Yr Old Granny Japanese

    heart how blest I was in having such a friend as Steerforth, such a


    not appropriate to our Dora Our dearest Dora is a favourite child

    voice, and she sang to me who loved her, and all the others might

    I never shall forget that night I never shall forget how I turned

    ‘My dear Steerforth, what is the matter?’

    I thought Mr Dick would have fallen, insensible My aunt

    confidences to me; also on a Sunday morning, when I mixed the

    ‘Allow me to inquire, Miss Trotwood,’ interposed Miss

    Steerforth, much to my confusion:

    that Jip began to see how it was, and to understand that he must

    ‘What is a proctor, Steerforth?’ said I

    Steerforth, very much amused at my having been put into forty-

    would seriously think of going down into the country with me

    chair, a picture of a noble presence and a handsome face

    ‘Mr Micawber has his faults I do not deny that he is

    to observe him My aunt reported to us, afterwards, that, at first,

    ‘Ahem!’ said Mr Micawber, clearing his throat, and warming

    one time with another, will produce say seventy pounds a year I

    with one of his arms on each of his knees I say ‘drove’, but it

    upon an egg, and with a very extensive face, which he turned full

    duty to each other better, I pray Heaven!’

    game when it was playing in both courts, and had seen the cards

    I stood still, and hung my head

    my mother was as far off from me as she could be, and kept her


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